Week Eight Summary

This week actually went pretty smoothly. I managed to get all of the assignments done early in the week, so I was able to relax for the rest. Except for right now. I didn’t realize that our blog post were due a day earlier than I thought, so just a little hiccup. I finished my content for the radio show first. My story is about how I thought I saw a dead Hannah Montana in my closet. I told my friend my story through Facetime and recorded it with my iPad using the voice app. I edited my story by cutting out unnecessary parts and adding sound effects on Garageband. Finally I shared my story with my group members and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

Next I commented on some blog posts and daily creates. I found it easier to comment this week and had more to say about people’s work.

Of course I can’t forget about the daily creates for the week. I did two daily creates. The first one I did was putting a rooster in a place it doesn’t belong and for the second one, I put a message on the bat signal.


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