Week Seven Summary

This week was a bit rough. First of, my group and I got on a late start on our radio show, mostly because of logistics like finding a group to work with and interpreting the directions. So far we’ve figured out what everyone is doing and I’ve also already finished a commercial for it (though I’ll have edit a little for copyright). We also named our radio show “Vault 106“. I honestly was dreading this whole project when I first read the instructions. Now that I’ve got some of it done, it’s not as daunting, so I’m glad to be starting next week with a little less stress. This project has also helped me get a little bit more comfortable with Discord. This is how my group has been communicating and it’s gone pretty smoothly.

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Assignment Bank – Audio

For our audio assignments this week, we had to do eight stars worth of audio assignments. I did one just for fun and another that could also be used for our radio program. The first one I did is called “Make Your Own Mixtape”. It is worth four stars. In this assignment, you are supposed to make your own mixtape which can be your own songs, a playlist of someone else’s songs or a mixture of both. A mixtape is a broad topic, so there was a lot of freedom with this assignment. I decided to make a playlist using Spotify. Since I make playlist for myself all the time, I wanted to make this one more interesting. Instead of making a playlist with conventional music, I decided to make a playlist of music from movies.

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Communicating is Hard

This week we had another chance to comment on people’s post and tweets. As in the past, this is still a little difficult for me because I just don’t know what to say. Especially on Twitter, a majority of the post tagged with #ds106 are about daily creates. I commented a few daily creates and blog posts. I tried to make my comments meaningful or ask a question. Most of the time, I like the post and stick to commenting about something interesting from their post or a feature I liked.

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Vault 106

Our radio show is called Vault 106. At first I wanted to create something based off of the name, but I got a really late start on the assignments, so I didn’t have enough time to really execute what I wanted. I originally wanted to have monsters “unleashed” from the vault, with bats and spiders and other spooky entities. Since I didn’t start in time, I wasn’t able to do this with my software. Instead I used an old school microphone to create our logo. I pasted the microphone onto a Google Draw doc and removed the lines making up the microphone. I replaced the lines with a spiderweb to keep the spooky theme and added a few hanging spiders as well.

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Radio Show Progress

The big project we have for the next couple of weeks is to create a radio show. To be completely honest, this assignment is stressing me out. A lot. (small rant coming) I already don’t enjoy the audio assignments, so it’s really hard for me not to be negative about this whole project. I think the worst part for me is coming up with a story and having to listen to myself talk. Like a lot of people, I can’t stand the sound of my own voice. As for creating a story, creative writing is not one of my strong suits, so I’m really struggling with that.

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