Radio Show Progress #2

We’re finally done with the radio show! Being done honestly feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Since everyone had a plan for their stories or bumpers, we just had to record it and put it together. I finished my commercial last week, so all I had to do for this week was record my story. At first I thought it was going to be hard to reach four or five minutes, but turns out I ramble so I made it well over five minutes and actually had to cut some stuff out. I felt really weird about just talking to myself for my story, so I Facetimed my friend and told her my story and recorded it on my iPad. I wasn’t sure that the sound quality would be good enough. Luckily though, it sounded alright. I imported my recording to Garageband to cut parts out and add sound effects and music.

This by far was the most tedious part. I would try certain sound effects, but then I wouldn’t like them so I had have to go and download more. This process continued until I finally got the perfect sounds. I used sounds mostly from Youtube and only a couple from I used Youtube more because there was a lot of specific sounds that I wanted and knew what to look for. After editing it all together, I uploaded my story to SoundCloud. My “spooky” story is about how I thought I saw a dead Hannah Montana in my closet.


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