Week Three Summary

This week was a little hectic for me. Not because of this class though. I actually went on a mini vacation to Universal Studios Orlando for my nieces birthday. Even though it was a super fun trip, it was stressful to remember to do my school work while wanting to have fun. Missing my in person classes also stresses me out because I could miss something important like changes to assignments or new information. For this class, it wasn’t as stressful, but I definitely procrastinated too much on my assignments this week.

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Assignment Bank – Writing

I am taking this weeks assignment bank tasks personal. We are supposed to choose 8 stars worth of assignments in the writing section. I’m taking this as a personal attack ( winking face ;)) because I admitted in last weeks summary that I really dislike writing. Now obviously, I know these have nothing to do with me, but I can pretend. I chose two 4 star assignments because even though they are rated with a bit more difficulty, they seemed like something I could handle (and that means I’ll only have to write about two things). I won’t say I liked doing them, but I can say they weren’t terrible. Though that’s probably because I had a choice in what assignment I could do and I picked the easiest ones for me.

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Storytelling from the Past to the Present

Our writing style and the way we communicate today has changed tremendously compared to how we wrote and communicated in the past. Before, we were confined to written or printed media. In this way, writings were typically more formal, excluding letters, and we were not able to receive them very fast. Now, we can share messages and stories with a click of a button. Instead of having to wait for a letter in the mail, or something to be published, we can immediately see anything that someone has shared. Though this has changed our communication for the better, I think that it has also had negative affects on us. I believe that being able to consume and send media so quickly has made us very impatient and lessened our attention span.

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