Week Six Summary

This week was all about the elements of design and how we can incorporate them into our projects. I’ve learned about elements of design before an I am also going over them in another class this semester. Our first assignment involved looking over some suggested readings and record our thoughts about the area of design. The suggested readings were not only for learning, but also sources we could use in the future like color schemes and a list and descriptions of design elements. As far as the area of design, I think it will always change. Art doesn’t look the same as it did even 100 years ago and it won’t look the same 100 years from now. Though the way we design and how art looks is ever changing, the basics of design elements will always be there.

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Assignment Bank – Design

For our assignment bank this week, we had to do 10 stars worth of design assignments. Design is my favorite category out of all the assignment bank options. I did two assignments worth 4 stars and one assignment worth 2 stars. To create my designs I used Photoshop and Google Draw.

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Daily Create – Week Six

For my daily creates this week I did “bad art”, my favorite drink and international smile day. For “bad art” I took a stock photo of a corporate worker and pasted a party hat and birthday gift on top of it. I don’t really have a favorite drink, but I picked a McDonalds Sprite to post because I think everyone can relate to the feeling of having a sprite from McDonalds. Lastly for international smile day, I tweeted a picture of myself.

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Design Blitz

 This week we were assigned to do a design blitz. For the blitz we were supposed to take pictures of objects or ads, etc. that showed some element of design. For my photos I took pictures while I was at Marshalls and used some pictures that I already have in my camera roll. The most difficult part about this assignment was deciding what to actually take a picture of. I didn’t want to take pictures of super obvious things like a restaurant logo that I could find on Google. Some of my pictures of objects aren’t the best because of where I was at and fluorescent lighting isn’t the best, but I think I got the point across. All of my images are displayed in a gallery below, describing each design element.

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Aspects of Design

After looking through some of the suggested readings, I have come to the conclusion that design takes more space in our life than I had thought. Of course, everything has to be designed by someone, but I’m not thinking about it all of the time. When I’m eating my Frosted Flakes for breakfast, I’m not thinking “Hmm I wonder who designed Tony the Tiger”. Designing is also not just about the colors or even what it’s supposed to look like. Design can also be about how something is supposed to function. Though I think we definitely tend to focus more on the aesthetics of something. I’m for sure guilty of this because one of my favorite parts of designing is the color.

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