Week Five Summary

We had a pretty easy week with only a couple of assignments. We had to listen to either a live radio show or the Radio Lab story, 1-2 or 4 stars worth of audio assignments from the assignment bank and 3 daily creates.

I didn’t get a chance to listen to the live radio show, so I listened to the alternative story, From Tree to Shining Tree from Radio Lab. Their story was about trees and fungus working together in nature and they added music and sound effects in the background to enhance the story. I enjoyed listening to this story more because of the background music and it made me pay more attention to what they were saying.

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Daily Create – Week Five

As usual, we had three daily creates for the week. I did a “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster remake, made a ransom note and sent someone to cool down the Earth. I used Google and links from the @ds106dc tweets to create my daily creates. For the poster, I replaced the words “carry on” with “eat food”, made a ransom note using ransomizer.com, and just tweeted a gif of Frozone from The Incredibles, for the last one.

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Assignment Bank – Audio

For this weeks assignment bank, we had to choose an audio assignment worth four stars. I chose to do “Music Mashup”, where you pick two songs and make them into one. The hardest part was actually picking the songs I wanted to mashup. I would try a few different ones, but they either didn’t sound good together or the app I used didn’t allow me to mix it in a certain way. In the end I chose “Touch Me Tease Me” by Case and “Love You Better” by King Combs.

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Movies Without Visuals?

I didn’t get a chance to attend the live radio shows that were going on this week, so instead I listened to Radio Lab’s From Tree to Shining Tree story. Their story was basically about how trees and fungus work together in nature to order to survive. They talked about their own experiences seeing the tree roots interact with the fungus and how all of it results in cycling the carbon through the environment. While telling their story, they implemented music and sound effects in the background. They used sounds associated with the places they talked about. Sounds of wind played when they talked about going outside. Whimsical music played as they talked about scientist theories on the trees and fungus. Adding the sounds to the story almost makes it seem like a movie, but without the visuals. Instead of using actual visuals, the music helped me to picture their scenes in my head. I also found that I payed more attention to their story. Sometimes I zone out when listening to audio stories, so having the sound effects in the background made me want to listen more and I didn’t get distracted by other things as much. Overall, it made the story come alive in a way and it was more interesting than just hearing their voices. It is a cool way to take a story to the next level.