The Shadow Man – Final Project

The semester is finally over! With this last final project, we had a choice between “Impress Me!” (me being the professor) and creating a fast food parody. I opted to go with “Impress Me”. It was much more open ended and basically had no parameters, so it was difficult to decide what to do and create something that is actually impressive. I decided to challenge myself by creating a movie trailer. Although I’ve done video editing for this class before, I think making a movie trailer is definitely more intense. I got the idea from Editing is Everything on Youtube. Her channel is about how editing can create something completely different from the original concept. I mainly looked at her videos pertaining to “(Some movie) but in 7 different genres”

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Mini Doc – Completed

This week, we finished our min documentary. At first, this project was really stressing me out (it still kinda is), but now that I’ve gotten the interview part out of the way, the rest wasn’t so bad. I decided to interview Sivy. I met her through a friend on campus. Me and Sivy don’t have any classes together and just never really had the chance to meet outside of our mutual friend. Through the interview, I got to know more about her.

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Week Ten Summary

This week was all about video editing. Our first assignment to complete was to guess the number of cuts that would take place in a movie scene. I chose a scene from Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. I wanted to watch an animated movie scene to see if editing is different compared to a live action film. The scene is a little over a minute long, so I was only expecting there to be like 10 cuts. There was actually 23 cuts and probably even more that I missed. I didn’t realize how much we block these cuts when we’re watching the full movie.

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Daily Create – Week 10

For my three daily creates this week, I made a color palette, summarized a classic book, and helped Todd climb the leaderboard. To make my color palette I used adobe color. I uploaded a picture of a flower and it created the palette for me. To summarize a classic in one sentence, I chose The Great Gatsby. Finally, to help Todd climb the leaderboard, I tweeted a GIF of Kris Jenner saying, “You’re doing amazing sweetie”.

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Mini Documentary

Our big project for the next few weeks is to create a mini documentary about someone in our community. It also has to be someone I don’t really know, which makes this a million times harder. Throughout the week, I’ve been trying to figure out who I’m going to interview. I honestly think think this will be the hardest part of this assignment. It’s daunting to have to interview someone I barely know and I feel like it will be awkward, especially because aside from my classmates, I don’t see other people on campus very much. I’ve narrowed it down to a few people that I could maybe interview. I already know them, but we’re not close friends or anything and I know if I pick a “stranger” I’m going to have a hard time conducting the interview and I’ll just make it awkward.

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Assignment Bank – Video

For the assignment bank this week, we had to do two video assignments – the hitch cut and one of our choice. I did the hitch cut assignment first. This assignment showed how changing the clips in editing gives the video a whole different feeling. In the example, there is clip of a woman and her child playing followed by a man smiling. This conveys a wholesome feeling. In the next edit, the same clip of the man is used but instead of a woman and her child, it’s a woman in a bikini. Now this makes the old man look dirty. For my video, I used three clips as well. One of a bunch of rats, Chloe from the Bratz dolls saying “ew”, and video of a woman asking “how do I look?”. I used iMovie to edit the clips together and then uploaded it to Youtube.

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Too Many Cuts to Count

For this assignment, we had to pick a scene from a movie from the MovieClips channel on YouTube and count the number of cuts that would happen. I chose a scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I thought it would be interesting to see how cuts in an animated movie compare to a live action movie. The scene I watched is when Miles figures out he has powers. The scene is only 1 minute and 12 seconds so I guessed that there would only be about 10 cuts. Surprisingly there ended up being 23 cuts/camera changes and I probably could’ve counted even more. The scene is pretty fast paced so it was hard to quickly decide whether or not something counted as a camera change.

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Week Eight Summary

This week actually went pretty smoothly. I managed to get all of the assignments done early in the week, so I was able to relax for the rest. Except for right now. I didn’t realize that our blog post were due a day earlier than I thought, so just a little hiccup. I finished my content for the radio show first. My story is about how I thought I saw a dead Hannah Montana in my closet. I told my friend my story through Facetime and recorded it with my iPad using the voice app. I edited my story by cutting out unnecessary parts and adding sound effects on Garageband. Finally I shared my story with my group members and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

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More Commenting…

I definitely procrastinated on commenting this week. I would prefer to comment earlier because I commenting on post that are 3 or more days old is weird to me. It just feels like it’s not relevant in a way. Despite that, I dug deeper on people’s blogs and Twitter post and actually had something better to say than “nice work” or something. I commented on Ashley’s and Katie’s blog post and few daily creates on Twitter.

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