Daily Create – Week 10

For my three daily creates this week, I made a color palette, summarized a classic book, and helped Todd climb the leaderboard. To make my color palette I used adobe color. I uploaded a picture of a flower and it created the palette for me. To summarize a classic in one sentence, I chose The Great Gatsby. Finally, to help Todd climb the leaderboard, I tweeted a GIF of Kris Jenner saying, “You’re doing amazing sweetie”.

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Daily Create – Week Eight

For this week, I did two daily creates. The first one I did was to put a rooster where it doesn’t belong. I used Photoshop to put a rooster at the beach. For my second daily create, we had to basically put up a message like a batman signal. My message says, “Can someone bring my charger?” I used the provided source, batman meme generator, to create my message.

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Daily Create – Week Six

For my daily creates this week I did “bad art”, my favorite drink and international smile day. For “bad art” I took a stock photo of a corporate worker and pasted a party hat and birthday gift on top of it. I don’t really have a favorite drink, but I picked a McDonalds Sprite to post because I think everyone can relate to the feeling of having a sprite from McDonalds. Lastly for international smile day, I tweeted a picture of myself.

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Daily Create – Week Five

As usual, we had three daily creates for the week. I did a “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster remake, made a ransom note and sent someone to cool down the Earth. I used Google and links from the @ds106dc tweets to create my daily creates. For the poster, I replaced the words “carry on” with “eat food”, made a ransom note using ransomizer.com, and just tweeted a gif of Frozone from The Incredibles, for the last one.

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Daily Create – Week Four

Three daily creates for this week again. I did “dot day”, “please_____________thank you” an d added a scene to an album cover. For dot day, I found a picture of a simple connect the dots on Google and drew it in my notes app on my iPhone. I screen recorded myself connecting the dots and posted it. For please, thank you, I used Google Draw and filled the blank in with “send me money”. Lastly, I edited Usher’s Here I Stand. I added an explosion to his album cover. And of course I posted them all using the correct hashtags for that specific daily create.

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