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About Me…

First of all, this is not a picture of me, obviously. I’ll update it later, but at the moment I can’t be bothered to find a nice picture of me. Anyways…

My name is Joya Shelton and I am currently a sophomore double majoring in Web Development Technology and Digital Media. Outside of school I like to paint my nails, read, and rot my brain by watching TikToks and other entertainment. My goal after school is to become a successful web developer while still continuing to do nail art.

The Shadow Man – Final Project

The semester is finally over! With this last final project, we had a choice between “Impress Me!” (me being the professor) and creating a fast food parody. I opted to go with “Impress Me”. It was much more open ended and basically had no parameters, so it was […]

Mini Doc – Completed

This week, we finished our min documentary. At first, this project was really stressing me out (it still kinda is), but now that I’ve gotten the interview part out of the way, the rest wasn’t so bad. I decided to interview Sivy. I met her through a friend […]


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