Week Ten Summary

This week was all about video editing. Our first assignment to complete was to guess the number of cuts that would take place in a movie scene. I chose a scene from Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. I wanted to watch an animated movie scene to see if editing is different compared to a live action film. The scene is a little over a minute long, so I was only expecting there to be like 10 cuts. There was actually 23 cuts and probably even more that I missed. I didn’t realize how much we block these cuts when we’re watching the full movie.

For our next two assignments, we did the Hitch Cut and another video assignment of our choice. For my hitch cut, I used three videos. One of rats running around, Chloe from the Bratz dolls saying “EW!”, and a woman asking “How do I look?” I edited the clips as to be in this order. Rats then “ew” and a second version as “How do I look?” then “ew”. The first video is an appropriate response, but in the second video, the response is rude. For my second video assignment, I dubbed classical music over a music video to make it look like they are dancing to classical music. I used Normani’s “Wild Side” and violin classical music. The video is on a copyright strike right now, so I’m hoping to be able to edit it again in a way that won’t get copyrighted. I used iMovie for the hitchcut and Splice for the music video.

A project we have to make over the next few weeks is a mini documentary. So far I haven’t made much progress with this. I really don’t know who to interview. I don’t want to interview a stranger because I’ll be really awkward and video wouldn’t flow very well. I want to pick someone that I at least know they’re name and am comfortable with, so that the interview will come easily and I also won’t freak the other person out. I think once I film the interview, I won’t feel so overwhelmed .

As usual, we had three daily creates to do this week. The three I did are making a color palette from a photo, summarizing a classic book in one sentence and helping Todd climb the leaderboard. @thisist00hard


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