Week Two Summary

Looking at the assignments for this week, I felt pretty overwhelmed. Skimming the page, it looked like we had a lot of readings to do and a lot of blog post to write. Mistakenly, I didn’t even really start on anything until Wednesday. If I would have started on Monday instead, I would’ve been better off for the week. Quite frankly, I dread writing these blog post. Although I usually am able to get a good grade on a writing assignment, they don’t come easily to me and writing long post is not one of my strong suits. When you don’t enjoy doing something, it feels like it drags on forever. That’s what writing is like for me. To be more optimistic, maybe this class will help me overcome my dislike of writing and it will eventually become something that I at least tolerate.

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Daily Create

This week we had to choose 4 daily create prompts to do. They don’t take too long and are pretty easy to make. The 4 I did include, your hand as a flag, Godzilla Haiku, a song, and Sashiko art. To create these, I mostly used Picsart and Google Draw. To post them, I just replied to the ds106 daily create twitter.

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Left Shark is a Big Deal Apparently

So everyone remembers left shark right? If you don’t, I’ll sum it up for you. At the 2015 Super Bowl, pop sensation, Katy Perry, did a high energy performance, including a beach themed version of her hit single, “Teenage Dream”. As her shark costumed backup dancers performed along with her, viewers noticed that the shark to Perry’s left seemed unfamiliar with the choreography. Within hours, “left shark” became a huge internet meme. 

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Assignment Bank

This week, we were assigned to pick 3 projects from the DS106 assignment bank. I chose to do a video assignment, gif assignment, and a design assignment. At first I was overwhelmed with all of the choices. It was difficult to decide what I wanted to do based on its difficulty and how much time it would take. I tried to pick ones that I would enjoy, but also wouldn’t take too much time since I had a lot of work in my other classes as well. Overall, I had a lot of fun creating these projects. It helped me find more free online editors that I can now use for future assignments or just for fun. My favorite project was the design assignment. They ended up taking a bit more time than expected, mostly because of technical difficulties, but I got them done. Let’s get started.

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Is it Really Copying, or is it Just a Remix?

For this task we had two videos to choose from to watch. I chose, Everything is a Remix, by Kirby Ferguson. He starts the video off by explaining that almost every creation is a copy of something else. It could be a complete copy or a copy of certain components to create something new. Especially in TV, film, and music we see references to other works in the same family. In the past, we were able to copy anything with no penalty. We could use other peoples ideas to help create our own and everything was shared. Eventually, people became greedy. Generally, we want credit for our work, without others being able to copy it. Copyright and patents allow us to do this. Unfortunately this hurts creativity because no one creates an original without copying first.

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Share MY Creativity

This week’s assignment started out with reading Austin Kleon’s article, Share Your Creativity. Overall, he talks about different ways to share your projects with others, but also observe and learn from other projects. The idea that resonated with me the most is to never quit. This phrase has been repeated more times than I can even count, but even this simple phrase encourages me to keep going. Often times I get very frustrated when I am not automatically good at a skill. With most things, I would give it up because why keep doing it if I’m not good?

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