The Shadow Man – Final Project

The semester is finally over! With this last final project, we had a choice between “Impress Me!” (me being the professor) and creating a fast food parody. I opted to go with “Impress Me”. It was much more open ended and basically had no parameters, so it was difficult to decide what to do and create something that is actually impressive. I decided to challenge myself by creating a movie trailer. Although I’ve done video editing for this class before, I think making a movie trailer is definitely more intense. I got the idea from Editing is Everything on Youtube. Her channel is about how editing can create something completely different from the original concept. I mainly looked at her videos pertaining to “(Some movie) but in 7 different genres”

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Week Ten Summary

This week was all about video editing. Our first assignment to complete was to guess the number of cuts that would take place in a movie scene. I chose a scene from Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse. I wanted to watch an animated movie scene to see if editing is different compared to a live action film. The scene is a little over a minute long, so I was only expecting there to be like 10 cuts. There was actually 23 cuts and probably even more that I missed. I didn’t realize how much we block these cuts when we’re watching the full movie.

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Week Eight Summary

This week actually went pretty smoothly. I managed to get all of the assignments done early in the week, so I was able to relax for the rest. Except for right now. I didn’t realize that our blog post were due a day earlier than I thought, so just a little hiccup. I finished my content for the radio show first. My story is about how I thought I saw a dead Hannah Montana in my closet. I told my friend my story through Facetime and recorded it with my iPad using the voice app. I edited my story by cutting out unnecessary parts and adding sound effects on Garageband. Finally I shared my story with my group members and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

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Week Seven Summary

This week was a bit rough. First of, my group and I got on a late start on our radio show, mostly because of logistics like finding a group to work with and interpreting the directions. So far we’ve figured out what everyone is doing and I’ve also already finished a commercial for it (though I’ll have edit a little for copyright). We also named our radio show “Vault 106“. I honestly was dreading this whole project when I first read the instructions. Now that I’ve got some of it done, it’s not as daunting, so I’m glad to be starting next week with a little less stress. This project has also helped me get a little bit more comfortable with Discord. This is how my group has been communicating and it’s gone pretty smoothly.

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Week Six Summary

This week was all about the elements of design and how we can incorporate them into our projects. I’ve learned about elements of design before an I am also going over them in another class this semester. Our first assignment involved looking over some suggested readings and record our thoughts about the area of design. The suggested readings were not only for learning, but also sources we could use in the future like color schemes and a list and descriptions of design elements. As far as the area of design, I think it will always change. Art doesn’t look the same as it did even 100 years ago and it won’t look the same 100 years from now. Though the way we design and how art looks is ever changing, the basics of design elements will always be there.

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Week Five Summary

We had a pretty easy week with only a couple of assignments. We had to listen to either a live radio show or the Radio Lab story, 1-2 or 4 stars worth of audio assignments from the assignment bank and 3 daily creates.

I didn’t get a chance to listen to the live radio show, so I listened to the alternative story, From Tree to Shining Tree from Radio Lab. Their story was about trees and fungus working together in nature and they added music and sound effects in the background to enhance the story. I enjoyed listening to this story more because of the background music and it made me pay more attention to what they were saying.

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Week Four Summary

This week was all about photography and photo editing. We had readings about modern photography, famous photographers, photo manipulation, and photography tips. We were also supposed to connect with others in the class on discord and twitter. I didn’t do this very well, because it’s a little uncomfortable to comment on strangers post, especially if I don’t have anything meaningful to say. No one has really been posting about their blogs or any work we’ve done in the class besides the daily creates. Unless I’m just not looking hard enough. Even a month in, I still haven’t really gotten used to discord either. Part of it is probably because I don’t have twitter or discord downloaded onto my phone. I’m sure this would make communicating easier, but I really don’t want to download it if I know it’s specifically for school. I like to keep my entertainment separate from my academics. As far as the rest of the assignments, they went pretty well.

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Week Three Summary

This week was a little hectic for me. Not because of this class though. I actually went on a mini vacation to Universal Studios Orlando for my nieces birthday. Even though it was a super fun trip, it was stressful to remember to do my school work while wanting to have fun. Missing my in person classes also stresses me out because I could miss something important like changes to assignments or new information. For this class, it wasn’t as stressful, but I definitely procrastinated too much on my assignments this week.

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Week Two Summary

Looking at the assignments for this week, I felt pretty overwhelmed. Skimming the page, it looked like we had a lot of readings to do and a lot of blog post to write. Mistakenly, I didn’t even really start on anything until Wednesday. If I would have started on Monday instead, I would’ve been better off for the week. Quite frankly, I dread writing these blog post. Although I usually am able to get a good grade on a writing assignment, they don’t come easily to me and writing long post is not one of my strong suits. When you don’t enjoy doing something, it feels like it drags on forever. That’s what writing is like for me. To be more optimistic, maybe this class will help me overcome my dislike of writing and it will eventually become something that I at least tolerate.

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Week One Summary

This week was pretty boring overall for me. Besides this class. Although I already have most of the social media accounts needed for this class, I still found it slightly annoying to sign up for other things. Not to say that making social media accounts is difficult, but it was time consuming for me. I found that I already had multiple accounts under different emails across the platforms. So of course the site would make me either do the whole “forgot password” thing or create a whole new account.

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