Daily Create – Week 10

For my three daily creates this week, I made a color palette, summarized a classic book, and helped Todd climb the leaderboard. To make my color palette I used adobe color. I uploaded a picture of a flower and it created the palette for me. To summarize a classic in one sentence, I chose The Great Gatsby. Finally, to help Todd climb the leaderboard, I tweeted a GIF of Kris Jenner saying, “You’re doing amazing sweetie”.

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Mini Documentary

Our big project for the next few weeks is to create a mini documentary about someone in our community. It also has to be someone I don’t really know, which makes this a million times harder. Throughout the week, I’ve been trying to figure out who I’m going to interview. I honestly think think this will be the hardest part of this assignment. It’s daunting to have to interview someone I barely know and I feel like it will be awkward, especially because aside from my classmates, I don’t see other people on campus very much. I’ve narrowed it down to a few people that I could maybe interview. I already know them, but we’re not close friends or anything and I know if I pick a “stranger” I’m going to have a hard time conducting the interview and I’ll just make it awkward.

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Assignment Bank – Video

For the assignment bank this week, we had to do two video assignments – the hitch cut and one of our choice. I did the hitch cut assignment first. This assignment showed how changing the clips in editing gives the video a whole different feeling. In the example, there is clip of a woman and her child playing followed by a man smiling. This conveys a wholesome feeling. In the next edit, the same clip of the man is used but instead of a woman and her child, it’s a woman in a bikini. Now this makes the old man look dirty. For my video, I used three clips as well. One of a bunch of rats, Chloe from the Bratz dolls saying “ew”, and video of a woman asking “how do I look?”. I used iMovie to edit the clips together and then uploaded it to Youtube.

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Too Many Cuts to Count

For this assignment, we had to pick a scene from a movie from the MovieClips channel on YouTube and count the number of cuts that would happen. I chose a scene from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. I thought it would be interesting to see how cuts in an animated movie compare to a live action movie. The scene I watched is when Miles figures out he has powers. The scene is only 1 minute and 12 seconds so I guessed that there would only be about 10 cuts. Surprisingly there ended up being 23 cuts/camera changes and I probably could’ve counted even more. The scene is pretty fast paced so it was hard to quickly decide whether or not something counted as a camera change.

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More Commenting…

I definitely procrastinated on commenting this week. I would prefer to comment earlier because I commenting on post that are 3 or more days old is weird to me. It just feels like it’s not relevant in a way. Despite that, I dug deeper on people’s blogs and Twitter post and actually had something better to say than “nice work” or something. I commented on Ashley’s and Katie’s blog post and few daily creates on Twitter.

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Radio Show Progress #2

We’re finally done with the radio show! Being done honestly feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Since everyone had a plan for their stories or bumpers, we just had to record it and put it together. I finished my commercial last week, so all I had to do for this week was record my story. At first I thought it was going to be hard to reach four or five minutes, but turns out I ramble so I made it well over five minutes and actually had to cut some stuff out. I felt really weird about just talking to myself for my story, so I Facetimed my friend and told her my story and recorded it on my iPad. I wasn’t sure that the sound quality would be good enough. Luckily though, it sounded alright. I imported my recording to Garageband to cut parts out and add sound effects and music.

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Communicating is Hard

This week we had another chance to comment on people’s post and tweets. As in the past, this is still a little difficult for me because I just don’t know what to say. Especially on Twitter, a majority of the post tagged with #ds106 are about daily creates. I commented a few daily creates and blog posts. I tried to make my comments meaningful or ask a question. Most of the time, I like the post and stick to commenting about something interesting from their post or a feature I liked.

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Vault 106

Our radio show is called Vault 106. At first I wanted to create something based off of the name, but I got a really late start on the assignments, so I didn’t have enough time to really execute what I wanted. I originally wanted to have monsters “unleashed” from the vault, with bats and spiders and other spooky entities. Since I didn’t start in time, I wasn’t able to do this with my software. Instead I used an old school microphone to create our logo. I pasted the microphone onto a Google Draw doc and removed the lines making up the microphone. I replaced the lines with a spiderweb to keep the spooky theme and added a few hanging spiders as well.

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