Assignment Bank – Video

For the assignment bank this week, we had to do two video assignments – the hitch cut and one of our choice. I did the hitch cut assignment first. This assignment showed how changing the clips in editing gives the video a whole different feeling. In the example, there is clip of a woman and her child playing followed by a man smiling. This conveys a wholesome feeling. In the next edit, the same clip of the man is used but instead of a woman and her child, it’s a woman in a bikini. Now this makes the old man look dirty. For my video, I used three clips as well. One of a bunch of rats, Chloe from the Bratz dolls saying “ew”, and video of a woman asking “how do I look?”. I used iMovie to edit the clips together and then uploaded it to Youtube.

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Assignment Bank – Design

For our assignment bank this week, we had to do 10 stars worth of design assignments. Design is my favorite category out of all the assignment bank options. I did two assignments worth 4 stars and one assignment worth 2 stars. To create my designs I used Photoshop and Google Draw.

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