Assignment Bank – Video

For the assignment bank this week, we had to do two video assignments – the hitch cut and one of our choice. I did the hitch cut assignment first. This assignment showed how changing the clips in editing gives the video a whole different feeling. In the example, there is clip of a woman and her child playing followed by a man smiling. This conveys a wholesome feeling. In the next edit, the same clip of the man is used but instead of a woman and her child, it’s a woman in a bikini. Now this makes the old man look dirty. For my video, I used three clips as well. One of a bunch of rats, Chloe from the Bratz dolls saying “ew”, and video of a woman asking “how do I look?”. I used iMovie to edit the clips together and then uploaded it to Youtube.

I put the clip of the rats first followed by the “ew” video. Saying “ew” after seeing rats is an appropriate response and something that most people would probably say, or express some sort of disgust. For my second one, I used a video of a woman asking “how do I look?”. Saying “ew” to this question is very rude and would probably hurt someone’s feelings. This shows that changing just one clip in a video can have a completely different mood.

Original assignment
My “hitch cut”

For my second video assignment, I did a classical-modern music video. Basically, you take a music video and instead of having the original music, you edit classical music on top of it. It makes the dancers in the video look like they’re dancing to classical music instead of the actual song. I used “Wild Side” by Normani because it’s a dance heavy music video, although I did cut out more sexual parts of the dance. I put violin classical music on top of the video using Splice video editor on my iPad. The classical music doesn’t fit completely because it’s hard to match up orchestra music with hip hop dancing. In some parts of the video, it matches really well with the dance moves and in others, not so much. I uploaded the video to Youtube, but it got taken down for copyright, so right now I’m trying to figure out a way to edit the video a bit.


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