Week Seven Summary

This week was a bit rough. First of, my group and I got on a late start on our radio show, mostly because of logistics like finding a group to work with and interpreting the directions. So far we’ve figured out what everyone is doing and I’ve also already finished a commercial for it (though I’ll have edit a little for copyright). We also named our radio show “Vault 106“. I honestly was dreading this whole project when I first read the instructions. Now that I’ve got some of it done, it’s not as daunting, so I’m glad to be starting next week with a little less stress. This project has also helped me get a little bit more comfortable with Discord. This is how my group has been communicating and it’s gone pretty smoothly.

I created a logo for our radio show using Google Draw. I would have rather used Photoshop, but I was just really unorganized this week and didn’t have enough time to go to the lab to work. Nonetheless, I created a logo featuring an old school microphone and spiders.

Part of our assignments this week is commenting on others posts and tweets. The hardest part about this for me is coming up with something meaningful to say other than “cool”. I looked at some of my classmates blogs and commented on things that I found interesting about their work or a comment on their daily creates on Twitter.

I only did one daily create this week, so there’s not much to say here. I did my daily create on the day that Facebook was down. I don’t get on Facebook so I didn’t really care. I’d rather be on TikTok anyway.

For my audio assignments, I decided to do one for fun and one that could also be used for our radio show. The first one I did is about making a mixtape and it’s worth four stars. I decided to make a playlist using Spotify. My playlist consist of songs from movies that I want to experience for the first time again. To capture my desperation I titled it “I would literally play all of the Saw games to watch these movies for the first time again”. This was a fun assignment for me because I already listen to music 24/7 and I like to make playlist for occasions, genres, or certain moods.

For my next audio assignment, I made a commercial for an 80s product. I made my commercial about a boombox because that was the first thing I thought of from the 80s. Since I wasn’t alive, I did a little bit of research and asked my mom about it to make a script for my commercial. I also made it Halloween theme so that it could fit in with our Vault 106 radio show. Once I recorded my script and picked the background music, the rest was fairly easy. The biggest problem I had was copyright when I uploaded it to SoundCloud so I’ll have to go back and alter a few things.

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