Radio Show Progress

The big project we have for the next couple of weeks is to create a radio show. To be completely honest, this assignment is stressing me out. A lot. (small rant coming) I already don’t enjoy the audio assignments, so it’s really hard for me not to be negative about this whole project. I think the worst part for me is coming up with a story and having to listen to myself talk. Like a lot of people, I can’t stand the sound of my own voice. As for creating a story, creative writing is not one of my strong suits, so I’m really struggling with that.

Aside from my own personal gripes, I’m in a group of six with classmates that attend KSU. It was kind of confusing at first because it looked like other students in ds106 were assigned this project a bit earlier than us. Either way, we got a group put together and we’ve mostly been brainstorming about what everyone wants to do. Since there’s six of us, dividing up the radio bumpers/ads/commercials is easy (one per person) and then everyone can record their own story and we can edit it all together. We’re going to base our radio show around a spooky theme, so everyone is going to tell either a true story about themselves or make up a spooky story. I think our biggest problem is figuring out how to splice all of our recordings together and what audio program to use. So far though, everyone has decided on a topic for their ad and story. We’ve also been communicating through Discord. This has helped me get more comfortable with the app and it’s an organized way for us to share our ideas.

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