Assignment Bank – Audio

For our audio assignments this week, we had to do eight stars worth of audio assignments. I did one just for fun and another that could also be used for our radio program. The first one I did is called “Make Your Own Mixtape”. It is worth four stars. In this assignment, you are supposed to make your own mixtape which can be your own songs, a playlist of someone else’s songs or a mixture of both. A mixtape is a broad topic, so there was a lot of freedom with this assignment. I decided to make a playlist using Spotify. Since I make playlist for myself all the time, I wanted to make this one more interesting. Instead of making a playlist with conventional music, I decided to make a playlist of music from movies.

Not only music from movies, but specifically music from movies that I want to see again for the first time, so bad in fact, that I titled my playlist, “I would literally play all of the Saw games to watch these movies for the first time again”. In case you don’t know what Saw is, it’s a series of movies where people are put into horrific traps that will kill them if they don’t escape. Of course I wouldn’t actually want to play these games, but I wanted to be dramatic with my title. My playlist includes tracks from movies like the Hunger Games Trilogy, MCU, Us, Coraline, Tangled, Princess and the Frog and more. These are some of my favorite movies that I would love to experience again for the first time. I have seen all of these multiple times, but it doesn’t match the feeling I got when watching for the first time. This playlist is just for fun and I hope that others can agree with me that they too would like to experience these again.

For my second audio assignment, I made an 80s themed commercial. It is worth five stars. I decided to do a commercial because I can also use it in our radio show. Since I wasn’t alive in the 80s, I had to do a little bit of research to figure out a popular product. I made my commercial about a Sony Boombox and based my script around Halloween. I also asked my mom for help on creating the script. She told me about what was popular during that time, how much things were, and where you would buy them. Once I finished my script, I used GarageBand to create my commercial. I recorded myself and used a filter on my voice to sound like a “monster”. I chose four songs for background music, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, “Nightmare On My Street” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, “Freaks Come Out at Night” by Whoodini, and Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me“. All of these songs were actually released in the 80s, which isn’t really the reason I picked them, but it is very fitting. I picked these songs because they are usually associated with Halloween. Unfortunately, my commercial is on a copyright strike right now because of “Thriller”. I kind of expected this to happen, but thought that maybe because I’m talking over it, it would alter the sound enough. So I’ll have to go back and change it a little bit. Overall I think the commercial came out okay, but next time I would probably edit my voice to fit a little better. My voice is pretty flat in the commercial, so I would want to add more variation.


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